The association wirsprechenfotografisch e. V. would  like to promote peaceful coexistence in a multicul-tural and multireligious society and, through exhibi-tions, create spaces for encounters that stimulate 

people's creativity and dialogue with one another. 

Give young people a photographic voice...Organization

Fußball in der deutschen Hauptstadt spielt eine sehr wichtige Rolle. Besonders der soziale Aspekt des runden Leders trägt stark zur Integration diverser Kulturen bei. Kinder und Jugendliche, aber auch Erwachsene lernen, miteinander zu kommunizieren, zu handeln und gemeinsame Interessen zu verfolgen... Organization

Ons Plek is the only non-profit children's home in Cape 

Town for female street children. It is the home of 34 

girls who are accustomed to rejecting adults and 

authorities who have been neglected and therefore live outside the social norm... Organization

Social entrepreneurship, development cooperation andintercultural relationships - all this is what students 

learn with nyendo! The organisation accompanies 

nyendo student companies on social entrepreneurship projects for over three years... Organization

Ubomi is Xhosa and means "life";. In the Ubomi Project House, township children get a chance to survive, a warm and healthy meal, homework supervision and language instruction, life skills training as well as play, sports and creative activities... Organization

Education for children in Afghanistan e. V. We are a 

young, non-profit association based in Wolfsburg. 

Our aim is to enable the children of Afghanistan to 

attend school. We focus on the province of Logar south of Kabul... Organization

Children and young people come to us with many questions about life. Are my parents gonna split up? Why do I have this disease? Why is my father violent? Why don't I live with my birth parents? What do you think the sea looks like? And in general, who am I and how do I fit into this world?...Organization

The Henry Maske Foundation a place for kids was 

founded in 1999 as a non-profit organization. 

Henry Maske, who came to boxing at the age of seven, was influenced by an environment of close relatives, 

which supported him from childhood in a special way and gave him the necessary support for his career as 

well as his personal development... Organization

PLAY HANDBALL ZA is a sport and development organisation in South Africa with a focus on handball. Handball should be supported and established as a new sport. Special attention is paid to the joint activity of boys and girls in the sport... Organization

If I break my arm in Germany, inflict a wound on me or give birth to a child, I go to a hospital. This is a matter of course for us. When the same things happen in Kenya - more precisely in Likoni, Mombasa - it looks worse... Organization

Dennis Mugo, for example, spent his own childhood on the street. With the help of a pastor, he managed to

leave the street behind and reshape his life. What 

happened to him, he now wants to make possible for 

other children... Organization

The Little Angel orphanage is located in Likoni, one of 

the poorer districts of the Kenyan coastal town of 

Mombasa. The home is a home for 30 children between 2 and 17 years, whose living conditions we want to 


As a non-profit association from Hamburg, 

VISIONS FOR CHILDREN has made it its mission to 

stand up for the right of children to education. So that

they have the chance of a self-determined and 

perspective-rich life. In particular, the focus is on 

the promotion of school education... Organization