HIT - Help In Time was founded by Petra Rinow, who lives in Blankenese. Born in Berlin, she leads society with all her heart and conviction. She herself comes from a large family of eight children and knows what it means to move together, show consideration for others and help where help is needed. For years Petra Rinow and her Partner have been committed to socially disadvantaged families and children throughout Germany and Africa. 



I myself come from a large family. We didn't have much money back then either and were always "shipped"; during the summer holidays. That's what it was called then. I haven't forgotten what I experienced until today: the feeling of being able to come home and tell at school what great things I did during my holidays! In 2005, I developed and implemented the concept of "free holidays"; for children from socially disadvantaged families. For years I have been supporting many small projects with many helpers. The work in the projects has shown me how little you have to do to help others. Even if they are only short moments that allow others to forget their everyday life - the gratitude, the trust and the joy give me more than any material thing. That convinced me and motivated me to continue. I have learned that the same topic is everywhere: donations! And for this reason I have founded an organization myself: to generate donations myself, to support these projects further, to promote them and to set up my own.