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Far too many young people in Germany and throughout the world have too few opportunities: they lack family support, sound (education) training opportunities and, as a result, often lack social competence. These children and young people are facing a life threatened by violence, crime, unemployment and lack of prospects. As a non-profit organization, we have set ourselves the goal of developing and promoting social projects that open up opportunities for disadvantaged young people.

From group experiences to sports


HIT - Help In Time gGmbH, based in Hamburg, was founded in 2015 and supports social projects throughout Germany and beyond. This is always done on a project-by-project basis - through donations, proceeds or self-developed ideas. We only support charitable projects that HIT - Help In Time itself has visited, reviewed again and again and of which we are completely convinced. This involves, for example, improving the basic care of children and young people, offering them better training opportunities or supporting their social integration.

With your support


Um diese Projekte zu stärken und den betroffenen Kindern und Jugendlichen helfen zu können, braucht HIT Ihre finanzielle Unterstützung. Nur mit Spendengeldern können wir Veranstaltungen auf die Beine stellen und Projekte weiter finanzieren.


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